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John Ginder

John is one of the founders of CNY Baseball.  Over the years, John has been a part of several different sites of all kinds writing about the sports he loves.  You might have seen some of his work on “The Hockey Writers” writing about his favorite hockey team the Buffalo Sabres.  John is also currently contributing over at AstrosFuture.com and has been a part of several different baseball related websites over the years.  One thing about CNY Baseball that he really enjoys is sharing stories of players in the minor leauges on the road to the majors.  When he isn’t watching, reading, writing, or listening to baseball, John enjoys time with his wife and two sons.  His loyalties are with the New York Mets, Buffalo Bills, Buffalo Sabres, and the Boston Celtics.  John is also a member of SABR.  >>>>Check out John’s Latest HERE



Kevin Larkin

I have been a baseball fan for as long as I can remember. While the Yankees are my favorite team, plain and simply I love the sport. While I enjoy watching a game now whether it be college level, minor league, adult league or major league, one thing has always fascinated my about the sport and that is its history. This love of the sport has led me to have an extensive collection of books on baseball history and has also led me to write three books. The first book is titled “Baseball in the Bay State” and it is a history of the sport of baseball in Massachusetts covering both major and minor league teams as well as players,the Negro Leagues and ballparks that were or are in the state. My second book is titled “Gehrig:Game by Game” and it is a history of every major league baseball game Lou Gehrig played in including regular season, World Series and All Star games. There is all kinds of information on Gehrig both biographical and baseball wise as well as a section on the dreaded disease ALS that is also known as Lou Gehrig’s disease. My third book is called Baseball in the Berkshires: A County;s Common bond which I co wrote with Tom Daly, Jim Overmyer and Larry Moore. This book in turn led us to form a group which has put together a museum exhibit with regards to the history of baseball in Berkshire County where I live. It is ever expanding and new items are being added each and every day. I also give talks to schools and groups and write for CNY as well as Legends on Deck where I am doing a fantasy type series to see what the greatest baseball team of all times is for each era I have divided the sport into. Baseball is a sport that teaches teamwork and is a sport that everyone has played some form of, at one time or another. I look forward to researching about baseball and its history in the Central New York region and I also look forward to sharing that information with you.  >>>>Check out Kevin’s Latest HERE


Gabe Rodriguez

Gabe is our official site photographer. He has spent the majority of his life dedicated to Law Enforcement.  He was previously a crime scene photographer and has always had a passion for photography and art.   Gabe turned that passion to sports photography focusing mainly on baseball.  He is the owner of GGR Photography, the Official  Photographer for the Albany Athletics Amateur Baseball League, he freelances for NYSPHSAA, covers youth and high school sports and has shot all levels of professional baseball.  He is passionate about what he does and will be providing great images for CNY Baseball.




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